Salisbury 10 miles for Cristina

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Cristina completes Salisbury 10 miles I really enjoyed that race, I took it in a comfy pace from the beginning because I wasn’t expecting to go, to be honest, but with the Needles Half Marathon near, it was a really good test for me, and I’m very glad I did it at the end.

I finished in 1h 38 min, not too bad. I used the race to put into practice some tips that we learnt with Val in the Marathon Day Q&A at Coffee Mongers, as well. And I think I’ve improved since the New Forest Half Marathon, so keep going??

The only complaint is that it took me a while to recover and I had to stop my training but now I’m coming back.

Cristina Regueiro Castro – Salisbury 10 Mile 14th April 2019

Salisbury event website

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